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We attack from multiple angles to rework the
traditional specialty pharmacy approach.



Managing from the Frontlines

We are a dedicated team of specialized pharmacists, technicians, and representatives navigating the entire complicated Specialty Pharmacy process to provide a concierge experience to our clients for a bottom-line substantial reduction in cost. Our strategies extend over 1020 Specialty therapies and 1500 brand medications.

Overall Specialty Pharmacy costs reduced by 30% with $750 savings on a per script average.

Variable Copay™

The Variable Copay™ Program is designed to combat the rising cost of specialty medications. Self-insured employers and their employees can experience significant savings on high-cost specialty drugs when enrolled in the Variable Copay™ Program.

While specialty medications continue to increase in cost; the Variable Copay™ Program can help ensure members have access to specialty drugs at the best available price in the marketplace.

For more information regarding the Variable Copay Program, contact us at (877) 646-1716.

The Variable Copay™ program is currently 33% below national specialty cost trends.

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Sincere Expedited High Touch Service

At CRx Specialty Solutions, we are in tune with the challenges you face with securing specialty meds. Our clients put their trust in us as we allocate medications at the best possible prices and provide them with dynamic and superior customer services.

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This program is expected to SAVE 15-20% off the bottom line of your annual drug spend.

Our customer service team works directly with brokers and their client’s Human Resource Department to obtain all the needed information to receive medications directly from the manufacturer. CRxReserve is fully integrated with the health plan and provides a seamless process for low earning employees to obtain drugs at no charge to the health plan.

CRx Specialty Solutions also combines the Variable Copay Program to ensure the patient doesn’t have any disruption in drug therapy while the manufacturer application is in the process. Ensuring your client is receiving the lowest price possible on brand and specialty medications.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We will do all the work for you! All we need from you is to know what Pharmacy you are getting your medications currently filled at and we make the call. Once transferred we will then be the pharmacy filling your medication.

You do not have to order any refills. We will contact you 5-7 days prior to you needing a refill and inform you that we are filling your medication that day and confirm you shipping address to be shipped out that day.

Once we have filled your last refill we will inform you by including an orange slip in your package stating, "This is your last refill" and we will also personally reach out to your doctor to request a refill on your behalf so you don't have to take the time out of your busy working schedule to make a doctor's appointment just for a new prescription. Now on the other hand, the doctor may come back and deny our request for refills because he wants you to make an appointment to come see him.

If you have a copay, we can take a credit card or debit card over the phone. Once we have put the cc number into the computer, for security, we will only be able to the last four numbers. We will not charge your card until we have contacted you and informed you that your medication is ready to send and we have your permission to charge your card.

Medications that need to stay cold will be in an insulated box with ice packs to keep your medication cool. Our cold packages stay cold up to 72 hours and are shipped over night. Regular medications are shipped in protective packaging and shipped via UPS. If shipped in Louisiana, packages usually arrive next day. Any other States please expect normal delivery times, 3-5 days.

Someone from shipping will always call the day before to verify you are ready for your prescription to be shipped out.

If you have an email address, it will be entered into UPS when your label is made to ship out your package. You will receive tracking notification updates such as when you package is picked up, in transit and delivered.

We are happy to ship your package to any destination you prefer. If notified in advance, we can ship it anywhere you'd like. We can also have it ready at a nearby UPS store to be picked up.

We ship out through UPS so if your medicine is a cold item then it will always be shipped over night and you will receive it the next day. If the medicine is ground shipped, then it depends what state you live in.

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